Dress Protocol & Conduct

Dress Protocol & Conduct

Dress Protocol:

Graduates will wear caps and gowns that have been ordered by Homeschool Idaho and given to students at graduation. Young men must wear dress shirts and slacks, tie optional. Young women must wear dresses or skirts. Graduates must wear dress shoes, dress boots, or dress cowboy boots (no athletic shoes, or flip flops).

Please recognize that gowns are polyester and the stage lights are hot. We do not recommend layers, suit jackets, or heavy clothing.  It gets very warm for the graduates during the two hours that they are on stage.

No embellishments or personalization of caps and gowns will be permitted during the ceremony (with the exception of honor cords and Congressional Medals).

The caps and gowns will belong to the graduates following the ceremony. Please contact us if further clarification is needed.


We want the actions of each individual to honor the graduating class as a whole. While we recognize the uniqueness of each graduate, we have come together to graduate as a class. Please refrain from actions and attire which would draw attention to yourself and divert it from the rest of the graduates. Please contact us if further clarification is needed.